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Texas Tarpon Fishing Guides

Quality Fishing Guides: One of Galveston, Texas’ Top Tarpon Fishing Guides

Wanting to go Tarpon fishing in Galveston, Texas? If so, look no further than Captain LG Boyd of Quality Fishing Guides, one of the top Tarpon fishing guides in Galveston, Texas. Born and raised fishing the waters of Texas City and the Galveston Bay Complex, it’s safe to say Captain Boyd has a lifetime of experience and knows the area like the back of his hand. When it comes to Tarpon, this level of experience is more than necessary. If you’ve ever tangled with a big one, you know. If you haven’t, you will.

Known for their acrobatic jumps and sheer strength, Tarpon are some of the most challenging game fish to land. In addition to their raw power, Tarpon are also known to be extremely stubborn and elusive. These factors combined make it essential to utilize the experience and skills of a seasoned guide like Captain Boyd. 

Tarpon Fishing in Galveston, Texas – What to Expect

With Tarpon fishing, not only do you have to know how to catch and handle them, you have to know where to go. Tarpon are not native to Galveston, rather they migrate from the Yucatan Peninsula every Spring and Summer through Tarpon Alley, a corridor that runs just offshore the entire perimeter of the Gulf of Mexico where some of the largest Tarpon in the continental U.S. pass through. A seasoned Tarpon guide, like Captain Boyd, has decades of experience with Tarpon Alley and knows just where to go to put you on the fish!

Meet Your Texas Tarpon Fishing Guide:

Capt. LG Boyd was born and raised fishing the waters of the Galveston Bay Complex. His experience and intimate knowledge of bottom structure, fish migration patterns and tidal/moon phases makes him uniquely qualified to find fish consistently. With his 30+ years experience as a Galveston fishing guide you are sure to receive the angling adventure you deserve!  When you fish with Capt. Boyd he will provide you with quality rods & reels, spin casting or bait casting, all new tackle and the latest up to date artificial baits for your Galveston bay fishing trip. Capt. LG Boyd will also fillet and package your fish at the end of the day.

Simply put, "“Captain LG knows Galveston like the back of his hand and will put you on the fish.”

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Galveston Bay Fishing Trip Prices:

Half Day

$ 600 1-3 people
5-6 hours

Full Day

$ 750 1-3 people
8+ hours
Refundable within 2 weeks of trip

Live bait extra upon request

Cancelation Policy

Capt. Boyd reserves the right to cancel any fishing trip due to unsafe weather conditions.


"I have been fishing with Capt. Lg Boyd for the last 10 years. The knowledge that he shares on every trip whether we are in the bay or chasing tarpon in the gulf is priceless. I would recommend him for anybody that wants to have fun or wants to learn more and step up their fishing game."
Dean Hazley
"Took my family, wife, daughter 10, son 7, to fish with LG Boyd, it was their first guided trip that was fun from start to finish. LG new my goal was for the wife and especially kids to have fun and catch some trout. He did just that, he put us on a good box of trout, he was great with my family and especially my kids, working hard at keeping their rods bent. Pics say it all with the huge smile and awesome memories. I would recommend his services to anyone in question. Thanks again LG Boyd"
Jesse Gutierrez
"I’ve been on two trips with Captain LG with my 11 year old and we have a blast every time. Captain LG knows Galveston like the back of his hand and will put you on the fish. He is great with kids and is a true conservationist at heart. Our family will keep coming back as long as we can."
Ethan Carlyle