Introducing Quality Fishing Guide’s Fishing Blog

Welcome to Quality Fishing Guide’s fishing blog! We’ll be blogging every couple of weeks on topics like lure selection (light versus dark), jig head size (for either drifting over deep water reefs or fishing mud), honing in on your trout catching skills (including how to approach and fish under birds), how to approach and read slicks, how to fish the jetties for sheepshead, redfish, drum and trout, summertime shark fishing, weather patterns, proper etiquette for boat ramps and approaching other boats while on the water, how to target, locate and catch large open water schools of reds, fish recipes and so much more! We will also let you know how we’ve been doing for a given week and what we’ve been catching.

Galveston Bay has struggled a bit over the last few years with trout numbers declining. Now that Texas Parks and Wildlife has reduced trout limits, we should start to see an increase in numbers if we handle things correctly. With a mild winter this year and all the undersized fish, I anticipate the 2020 fishing season will be outstanding. As long as we don’t have any major floods this summer, the fish should hold in the bay and not be pushed out into the Gulf as happens when we had an abundance of rain (for about the last 5 years, due to all the rain, a lot of our trout have been pushed out of the bay and into the Gulf of Mexico).

As far as jetty fishing goes, which so many of our Spring Breakers enjoy, we’re predicting an exceptional season. Sheepshead and Drum are already starting to show up. Both of these are tons of fun to catch! Reds and trout are also often caught at the jetties. All these fish are great table fare.

For the adrenaline seeking, big fish junkies out there, shark fishing will kick off in June. We will concentrate on large schools of migrating shad to point us to where the “big” ones are hanging out. This will change a little mid-July with the opening of Gulf shrimp season. At which point, we will start following the shrimp boats as they cull their catch. Sharks hang out by these boats wanting an easy snack. These trips are lots or fun for the whole family! Most kiddos are worn out after reeling in a few of these beasts (you’re welcome).

Be sure to follow us on Facebook @ Quality Fishing Guides and Instagram @ Capt. LG Boyd for daily updates as well as YouTube @ Capt. LG Boyd for some exciting videos. We look forward to fishing with you in the future! We have multiple boats to accommodate large groups as well as morning and afternoon trips. Give us a call at 409-770-3567 when you’re ready to book an exciting day on the water with me, Capt. LG Boyd.

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